Hein Calvin Akwai haske


Following the topics of borders (2017), justice (2019) and identity (2021), the f² Fotofestival 2023 will focus on globality.

Everyday life in a global network - globality as topic of the f² Fotofestival

Global networking is a condition that permeates everyday human life and the reality of life almost irreversibly. Whether economic, political, civil society, information technology, cultural or ecological: the effects of globalization are increasingly locating people in a world community that is linked to one another on a wide variety of levels.

In the course of globalization, the borders and narratives of nationally and culturally delimited spaces have already been undermined and exceeded with regard to merchandise management and information exchange. The idea of globality that develops from this creates the image of a worldwide community in which each individual is integrated through a multitude of networks.

Located in the world, positioned on a regional level - a global community?

One's own life moves increasingly in the field of tension between regionality and globality. Because what is happening in the immediate and local environment can no longer be considered separately from global discourses. The mutual exchange does not necessarily have to lead to the loss of identity concepts and cultural spaces. On the contrary - the openness to see oneself as part of a global society and to contribute specific potential can also lead to its strengthening.

We are currently still a long way from the state of globality, in the sense of an equal exchange that works beyond traditional claims to domination.

Photography as a medium of lively discourse

But the awareness of the global constitution of our existence is already manifested in many discourses in which the challenges for the worldwide community come to light. In the process, new forms of social movements are also forming that illustrate the need for a perspective shaped by diversity for the global future – such as Black Lives Matter, MeToo or Fridays for Future.

As a pictorial medium, photography is significantly involved in the visual negotiation and construction of globality.

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