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Date: Wed, 07 Jun 19:00


Fashion-images, Global Textile Production and Activism with Artists from the group „Threads and Tits“ & Guests

How are photographic product stagings and exploitation in the textile industry connected? Panel discussion on the example of the Adidas campaign - Own the Reality by the artist groups "The Yes Men", "Threads and Tits" and the NGO "Clean Clothing Campaign".

As consumers, we are involved in the global flow of goods. Who produces what we consume and under what conditions? The artists' collective Threads&Tits works with a focus on the body and fashion for a more climate-friendly future. The activist project "Own the Reality", which is exhibited at 44309//GALLERY, draws attention to the abuses in textile factories in Cambodia.

The collective not only denounces grievances, but also makes constructive suggestions. For example, the sports goods manufacturer Adidas was shown that it could act ethically if only it wanted to. The "Pay Your Workers Agreement" was signed in its name, guaranteeing fair wages, recognising wages stolen during the pandemic, paying them out and allowing workers to form unions.

The textile industry globally exploits resources and human labour. Many consumers know about the inhumane production conditions behind their clothes. Why do slick product presentations and fashion images make us forget the production process behind them? Why do consumers accept exploitation and mistreatment in the production of their clothes? What role does the staging of fashion, through photography, play in the fashion system?

The panel discussion deals with the tension between photographic product staging and exploitation in textile chains in relation to the practical project "Own the Reality". How can we build a bridge from the local environment to the global discourse in order to regain agency and show solidarity?

Date: 07.06.2023 at 19:00

Free entry

Venue: 44309//gallery, Rheinische Str. 16, 44137 Dortmund



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  • Wed, 07 Jun 19:00

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